I need to mobilize and act in order to stay sane

After the outcome of this election, I’m pivoting and will be expanding my focus on racial and social justice across issues and not just BPS. The real work that makes a difference is at the local level but it requires work. If you are looking for ways to engage, join me. There are plenty of places that need support – time and money that will work to stop our country from moving backwards on all the progress we’ve worked to make a reality.

Start with this -it’s an easy ask – Call Councilor Wu and Flahrety and your district Councilor

Here is an explaination –

What is the Just-Cause Eviction Ordinance?

It’s a municipal law limiting evictions to certain circumstances and outlaw no-fault evictions. Massachusetts law allows landlords to evict tenants “no-fault.” This means that renters in privately owned, non-subsidized housing can be evicted after their lease expires – or any time, if they don’t have a lease – without any reason given. With a Just-Cause Eviction law, landlords who are not owner-occupants would have to give legitimate reasons for eviction.

The ordinance was developed by the Right to Remain Coalition. It is supported by a comprehensive network of non-profit organizations including labor, neighborhood groups, and community development corporations who have been asking the Council to act since March. Tenants are being displaced all over the city. Now is the time for action: the City Council needs to hear why this matters to YOU. Want to learn more? Visit the Just Cause website for more information. See the reverse side for more information on the ight to Remain Coalition and a full list of members.

Who do I call?

To find your district and councilor, click here. You can also call the four at-large councilors that serve the entire city.

AT LARGE: Michelle Wu, 617-635-3115 DISTRICT 4: Andrea Campbell, 617-635-3131

AT LARGE: Michael Flaherty, 617-635-4205 DISTRICT 5: Timothy McCarthy, 617-635-4210

AT LARGE: Annisa Essaibi-George, 617-635-4376 DISTRICT 6: Matt O’Malley, 617-635-4220

AT LARGE: Ayanna Pressley, 617-635-4217 DISTRICT 7: Tito Jackson, 617-635-3510

DISTRICT 1: Sal Lamattina, 617-635-3200 DISTRICT 8: Josh Zakim, 617-635-4225

DISTRICT 2: Bill Linehan, 617-635-3203 DISTRICT 9: Mark Ciommo, 617-635-3113

DISTRICT 3: Frank Baker, 617-635-3455

What do I say?


Why Boston Needs it NOW

Suggested Script

“This is [your name] from [your neighborhood]. I’m calling to urge you to come out now in favor of the proposed Just-Cause ordinance and, working with your colleagues, get it introduced and passed as soon as possible. Boston should pass Just-Cause Eviction so tenants and homeowners have protections and continue to work with the Right to Remain Coalition and neighborhood groups on this issue.”

Additional Talking Points

• We want real solutions for stabilizing the rent in Boston, so that city can maintain its rich socioeconomic, cultural, and racial diversity.

• We need acountability for developers who are flipping our neighborhoods with no-fault evictions and increasing rents.

I don’t live in Boston. How can I help?

If you do not live in Boston, you can show your support for Just-Cause Eviction by signing the petition to Mayor Walsh and the City Council, signing up for updates from the Right to Remain Coalition, a coalition housing right advocates dedicated to stabilizing Boston’s neighborhoods by protecting tenants from eviction by absentee landlords/banks without just cause. Perhaps most importantly, you can tell your friends and family about this cause and why it matters to you, and how they can help move it forward.

Why can’t I just send an email in support of Just-Cause Eviction?

A Councilor likely receives far more emails than they do phone calls, so a phone call carries more weight and demonstrates a greater level of importance than an email. Councilor’s offices log the total number of people who call in favor of or in opposition to a particular issue, which is why calling is an effective method of directing a Councilor’s attention to a cause.

Thank you for calling and giving your time to this important cause.

What is the Right to Remain Coalition?

Right to Remain is a growing popular movement demanding neighborhood stabilization and our Right to Remain in Boston. Our citywide coalition of groups and organizations is fighting displacement and gentrification at the neighborhood level, anchored by Right to the City Boston and the Boston Tenant Coalition. Right to Remain calls for multiple stabilization policy and advocacy strategies that increase tenant rights and protections; demand community control over land/development; address wealth building in our communities; and make speculators pay for the social and economic costs they create.

Who is the R2R (Right to Remain) Coalition?

Anchored by Right to the City Boston in partnership with Boston Tenant Coalition, ABDC, Action for Regional Equity, Allston Brighton CDC, Asian American Resource Workshop, Asian Community Development Corp, Black Economic Justice Institute, Boston Jobs Coalition, Brazilian Worker Center, Castle Square Tenants Organization, Chelsea Collaborative, Chinatown Resident Association, Codman Square NDC, Community Labor United, Dominican Development Center, Dorchester Bay EDC, Dorchester People for Peace, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, Egleston Sq. Youth Group, Fair Housing Center of Greater Boston, Fairmount Indigo Line CDC Collaborative, Fenway Community Development Corp., Greater Boston Labor Council, Greater Bowdoin/Geneva Neighborhood Association, Greater Four Corners Action, Homes for Families, JP Neighborhood Council, JP Neighborhood Development Corp, Jamaica Plain Progressives, Jobs with Justice, MA CDC, Mass Vote, Matahari, Mattapan United, Progressive Communicators Network, Progressive Mass, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, SEIU 32BJ (District 615), Union of Minority Neighborhoods

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  1. Thanks for this Tonya.  The specific action points are helpful.  I”ll make some calls today. Hugs,Alicia The information transmitted in this email is intended for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of or taking any action in reliance upon this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited by federal law. If you receive this email in error, please contact the sender and delete that material from any computer.

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